There are 5 main causes of auto body damage outside of having an accident.  All of them should be repaired in order to maintain your car’s optimal operating condition and appearance. It also helps your car hold its value so you maximize your return on investment when you sell it or trade it in.  

Parking Lot Dings
Where you park in the parking lot can easily minimize the chance of getting a shopping cart ding.  Select a space at least half way away from the space closest to the front door and you will most likely keep your car safe from dings.  You can also be a good parking lot participant by returning your shopping cart to the cart holder.  This will keep the shopping cart from randomly hitting another car after you leave.

Some people walk by cars and when they see valuable items that can be easily resold for a few quick dollars, make an impulsive decision to break in and take them. Items like designer sunglasses, cell phone, laptop and a nice purse/briefcase can be taken in a minute and resold within the hour at a local pawn shop.  Usually your car gets damaged from the break in and you have lost valuable items.  To remove the temptation, take the items with you or at least store them out of sight.

Car thief ready to break into a car.

Lack of Maintenance
Routine maintenance is not a choice, it’s a necessity in order to keep your car running smoothly and safely.  The tires can blow and the brakes can fail if not properly maintained. A trusted mechanic is key to knowing what to do when.  He/she will mention upcoming repairs so you can prepare for them.

Exposure to Nature
Being outside in the elements takes a toll on your car.  Minimize the exposure to damaging weather conditions by providing safe cover whenever possible.  Also, in severe weather like a flood, do your best to avoid driving your car if at all possible.  The water looks innocent enough but the damage it can do inside your car can actually ruin it.

Random Acts
Some things cannot be avoided because they happen so quickly and you don’t even see them coming.  Things like a random golf ball that hits your car, or an animal crossing the road in the night time. Another common danger are pot holes.  Usually we see them just before we drive over them!  All three of these examples cause quite a bit of damage in a matter of seconds.  

Windshield completely broken because of a rock or golf ball.

Keep in mind that damage to your car may not be visible.  An equipment casualty can occur in places only a thorough auto body shop technician can see.  No matter how minimal the impairment is, we recommend taking your car in for an evaluation so you can avoid surprises later.

We hope that being aware of these causes will help you avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle. 

Deer prancing across the road.

Make Classic Collision your trusted auto body shop.

If you live in the southeastern U.S. or are driving through and need auto body repair, Classic Collision’s 30+ years of auto body repair experience in 25+ locations in GA, AL and SC can help.  Our exemplary service has earned the trust of many clients who return year after year for repairs like these to keep their vehicle looking and operating as good as new.